03 September 2019

A Welcome and An Introduction

Welcome to our little corner of the web!  We decided to start this blog because we wanted a place to share our experiences - the places and events we go to, as well as the things in pop culture that we love to enthuse about.  There will be posts from us individually, and we will also write posts together, in which each of our viewpoints will be distinguished by our names highlighted in our favorite colors. :)

I imagine this blog to be an overall place to talk about the things that are important to us.  A couple of years ago, I had my own blog where I talked about various topics.  At first, it was a place for book reviews, but I gradually introduced one-off posts about things that interested me or about a cool event that I attended.  Eventually, I branched off from focusing on book reviews and instead transformed the blog into an expression of my tastes, as I started ongoing discussion posts about subjects such as musicals, Star Trek and the history of reading.  I enjoyed sharing what I loved about my favorite things, and now with this blog venture, I look forward to talking about these things with my favorite person.

In the dozen years before I met Charlene, I not only traveled throughout the US and Canada on sports-related adventures, but I also visited most of the live music venues and repertory movie theaters across Los Angeles.  I witnessed some amazing concerts and screenings, often with special guests in attendance.  During that time, many of my friends and co-workers suggested that I start a blog to recap all of the fun stuff I've done in this city, and that's why I was keen to launch HoneyNerds - in addition to present-day outings with my wonderful wife, I will also use this site to take a nostalgic look back at some of the most entertaining nights I've experienced in my adopted hometown.

Keeping a blog can be a lot of work, but we hope to maintain our little space for some time.  Probably mostly for our amusement, but we're hoping that if anyone stumbles across HoneyNerds, they'll find something interesting to read - whether it's a trip we've taken to Portland, Oregon (our upcoming quick getaway vacation) or our reviews of the TV series Doctor Who, which we are now beginning to watch.  HoneyNerds is simply a space for a couple of nerds (yes, that's us) who enjoy spending time together and also enjoy talking about it. 

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