Charlene is the bookish, tech-y, musical-loving half of the HoneyNerds.  She works as a scientist, and enjoys experiencing new things as long as she also has enough time to do nothing but read or watch TV with a nice cup of tea. She runs a few sites related to her favorite novel - "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë - including a blog dedicated to the novel, and a general informative website. On HoneyNerds, her content will often be book reviews, recaps of different theatre/performance experiences, and anything related to visiting Disneyland.

Mike is the gregarious, methodical, and sports-loving half of the HoneyNerds. He works in the film industry and enjoys planning his next vacation because he loves seeing new things. He also periodically blogs on Hockey Transplant and just recently completed seeing a game in all of the NHL arenas. He is starting up a new podcast as well, titled "Out of Touchstone", in which he discusses and reviews the films produced byTouchstone Pictures. On HoneyNerds, his content will often revolve around his passion for music, his love of films and traveling.

Contact us by email:  honeynerds@gmail.com

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